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This article is useful for those guys who are just taking the first steps in email newsletters. You will learn how to avoid mass unsubscribe and complaints about spam and what to do so that users get only what they are interested in. for more information about bulk mail sender, go through their official web portal.

Build a list of addresses for email distribution yourself

A common problem for newbies is sending out email addresses that have not confirmed their consent to this. This practice is not only illegal, but also ineffective. It will lead to rapid burnout of the base and the damaged reputation of the sender, because people will complain about spam and unsubscribe. In addition, the recipient’s postal service may altogether discard such a newsletter and add your sender address to the blacklist. In order to independently compile an address list, we recommend using the subscription form and only through double opt in. This is a subscription method, in which the user enters his email in the form of a subscription and clicks the “Confirm” button, after which he receives an email with a confirmation link. Clicking on it, the address falls into the database of subscribers.

Create a corporate domain to send mailing

Mailings from domains of free mail services, such as Gmail, do not inspire confidence and definitely will not add solidity to your mailing list. Therefore, create a recognizable corporate domain, as it was done. Another good practice is when promotions and service trigger letters, such as order confirmation, are sent from different addresses. If the reputation of one sender’s address fell, it will not affect other mailings.

Send mailings with the same regularity

Mail is a user’s personal space, and if you invade it too often or unpredictably, you will receive an appropriate response. Daily mailing of promotional offers will only increase the number of formal messages and complaints about spam. Optimally send one letter per week. So you do not get bored and, at the same time, the subscriber remembers you. However, in order to test your audience, we recommend also conducting A / B testing   select two groups of subscribers, each with more than 2,000 addresses and send them letters with a different frequency within two months.

Make good use of the subject and letter pre header

The task of the letter is to interest the user so that he would like to look inside. To do this, you can choose several ways   intrigue, description of benefits, provocation. And then test on your database of addresses, which tactics come better. Detail your proposal using the pre header, which is located to the right of the subject line. The Academy of Correct Copywriters successfully combines the topic and pre header, which is why it is hard to ignore the letter.